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Our workshops, conferences and facilitated conversations allow you to approach the idea of the  transition experience in a simple way, without complexes and above all: not alone.

Our workshops are collaborative and allow you to benefit from other individuals' exceptional journey. We explore our own identity through the experience of others. Each workshop varies based on the objective for the session. At times, we will meet in an outdoor setting and other times we meet online. In all cases, we find a way to meet in a coherent setting.

A Personalized

Personalized according to the specific needs of your group, we offer you the opportunity to gain clarity by equipping you to take charge of your transitions. 

We also offer conferences addressing the transition experience based on the personal experience of a speaker from a military, sports or business backgrounds.

Upcoming Workshops
(offered in French for now)

Nov 3
Bivouac | Lest we forget
November 3rd, 2022

A few days before Remembrance Day, we wish to take a moment to commemorate this important day. This Bivouac's theme will allow us to revisit our own experiences and highlight the impacts that specific people had on our career.

W 2023
All Women Base Camp
Winter 2023

[Moved to winter 2023] We will hold our second Base Camp for women. A retreat to take the time, between women, to explore our conditioning to performance. How does that affect our experience as we go through different transition. Where does that come from?

During those two days, we will take time to decelerate in order to create a space for reflexion. We will navigue through moments of introspection and moments of self-awareness in action.

If you're from a military background, contact-us first!

Let's talk about your after career plan. We can help you take charge in your transition journey to enjoy this unique moment with peace, clarity and coherence.

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