Who We Are

A dynamic community that supports you in one of the most promising moment of your life: your transition.


Our mission is to transform the transition experience of people from high performance backgrounds such as sport, the military and business. We accomplish our mission when you feel equipped to take care of your well-being, honor your past experiences and feel ready to start a new chapter.

See How

Your transition can be one of the most meaningful moment of your life. 

Our Story

Founded in 2016 and initially sponsored by CANU, Champions Beyond The Code first catered exclusively to athletes who were going through their transition towards their life after sport.

In 2019, we tested an intuition: what if we shared our transitions with people from worlds different from ours? We created three laboratories: Lab 10-10-10. Each time, we brought together 10 athletes, 10 soldiers and 10 individuals from the business world for a day.

The experience was a success: approaching the transition with a heterogeneous group is supportive, powerful and it makes it easier to gain perspective.

Since then, our activities have been held in group contexts bringing together people from different backgrounds: an innovative approach that provides resources! Today, we are a non-profit organization that seeks to accomplish their mission, one person at a time. We are champions beyond our code.  Welcome to our home.

The Team



Soldier and officer in the Canadian Armed Forces for 17 years. Today administrator and facilitator at La Maison, and also a dad, handyman, prankster and blunderer. Member of the community since 2017



Hockey player for 21 years, including 8 on the national team program. Today the Executive Director of La Maison, and also a jokester and a dreamer. Member of the community since 2017



Enjoys contributing to projects where the intention is to explore new modes of operation and seeks to maximize the quality of life & personal satisfaction of all participants. Administrator, facilitator and coach. Member of the community since 2018.

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