The Journey

Perspectives, transitions & openings. Next take-off: October 11th. Contact us.

Who joins the Journey

The Journey is for individuals from different high performance environments that are in transition and that wish to answer the question: what now?

An innovative 12-month co-development program. Each Journey brings together 12 individuals from different backgrounds to explore. 

The Journey includes:


10 group workshops aligned with one of the three overarching themes: developing my new base camp; gaining tools & practicing : developing my full potential; embodying and celebrating my transition


Small group sessions targeting specific challenges and aspirations of each members. Who am I beyond my career? Who do I wish to be, now?


A 2-day adventure in nature during which individuals can explore new things and transfer skills to a new context.


Membership to the Champions Beyond the Code Community

Join us, in Montreal, Quebec or online.

Let's talk about your after career plan. We can help you take charge in your transition journey to enjoy this unique moment with peace, clarity and coherence.

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